1.1 Found and equip four CTC and define Action plan
1.2 Re-training for staff
1.3 Market and marketing activities

2.1 Develop collaborative web tools and communication strategy
2.2 Bring new VMnet members and experts for multidisciplinary approach
2.3 Update existing systematization knowledge e-base with new topics

3.1 Analyze the EU models for cooperation in the knowledge triangle
3.2 Develop, assess and adopt the new regional model of cooperation
3.3 Set up joint structure of SMEs
3.4 Case studies-benchmarking best practice

4.1 Training/service needs analysis (TSNA)
4.2 Selection and re-training of trainers and service providers
4.3 Quality monitoring of training/services

5.1 Develop and delivery vocational trainings for SME, unemployed graduates, non-university teachers and students
5.2 Develop and redesign instructional material for e-learning
5.3 Develop and conduct Industrial Fellowship Programme (IFP) for graduates and engineers from industry
5.4 Develop and conduct Practical Placement Programme (PPP) for students

6.1 Prepare Programme for public information, dissemination and raising awareness
6.2 Printing and publishing of brochures, leaflets and other material
6.3 Information days and public appearances
6.4 Organize three motivational seminars
6.5 Organize three workshops
6.6 Organize three brokerage events

7.1 Institutional sustainability
7.2 Financial sustainability
8.1 Develop quality control and monitoring strategy
8.2 Internal monitoring and interwievs of target groups
8.3 External monitoring and inter - Tempus coaching

9.1 Overall project management and administration
9.2 Local management on the level of WBC partners
9.3 Local management on the level of EU partners