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WBC Virtual Manufacturing Network - Fostering an Integration of the Knowledge Triangle


Project Type:

Higher Education and Society

Target Country:


To set up and equip regional Collaborative Training Centers in four WBC countries, aimed at enhancing the universities’ collaboration with industry, professional training and student practical placement in industry
To enlarge VMnet network throughout the WBC region, bringing new experts in the area of virtual product development and members of academia, research, business and governments
To develop, assess and implement new regional model for university-enterprise cooperation through international partnerships with recognize EU institutions
To modernize and adjust vocational training programme to address the needs of small business and labour market
To provide students with opportunity to gain practical experience in industry
To raise awareness in the society about necessity of integration of the knowledge triangle for the region prosperity and to ensure quality dissemination of project results and ideas
Subject area:

925 - University-Industry Links


3 years


Prof. dr Vesna Mandić
University of Kragujevac
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Sestre Janjic 6,
34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Phone: +381 34 501 201
Fax: +381 34 501 901

Other partners:

University of Podgorica, ME
University of Banja Luka, BA
University of Rijeka, HR
University of Padova, IT
University of Ljubljana, SI
Regional Economic Development Agency of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, RS
Institute for Production Engineering (IPU), DK
C3M d.o.o., SI
SCGM d.o.o., RS
ELCON Geratebau d.o.o, HR
TRI BEST d.o.o., BA
METALIK d.o.o., ME