II VRPM Group Meeting

The second meeting of VRPM group was held on 9th August, 2011 in Cooperative Training Centre in Kragujevac. The meeting was opened by Prof Dr Vesna Mandic, the coordinator of CTC and WBC VMNet network, greeting the representatives of ICIP project, Dr Jürgen Henke and Bosko Nektarijevic, as well as all the present SMEs representatives.

In the first part of the meeting, Prof Dr Vesna Mandic briefly presented the progress of VRPM group, showing activities realized in previous period and those planned for the future. As the part of her presentation, Prof Dr Vesna Mandic briefly introduced the group’s members with some tools on CORDIS site, which currently had over 4500 members and 56 groups. Dr Jürgen Henke and Boško Nektarijević as the representatives of ICIP project, gave their contribution to the VRPM group. Dr Jürgen Henke presented his concept of support to VRPM group by ICIP project. Within his presentation he emphasized the importance of identification of alternative funding source at national and international level.

One of the topics of this meeting was review of current FP7 calls. In elaboration of the topic, all participants took an active part. In order to work more efficiently, they were divided into smaller groups coordinated by Prof Dr Goran Stojanovic, Bosko Nektarijevic and Prof Dr Vesna Mandic. The group coordinators, due to their experience in the work on various projects financed by EU, had the task to choose all interesting calls with the representatives of SMEs. The next meeting of the group was appointed for the first half of September.