I3E – Strategic Research Agenda in SEE region

Within the I3E project "Promoting Innovation in the Industrial Informatics and Embedded systems sectors through networking", the project team from Serbia (from Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac) in cooperation with 11 partners from 8 countries from the region of South East Europe, worked on development and defining of the Transnational  Strategic Research Agenda (.pdf). Original electronic publication of the Agenda is available at The publication was translated and printed in Serbian language.

The Transnational Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is a major output of the I3E project, which is dedicated to the improvement of innovation transfer between researchers and industry, relevant to the industrial informatics and embedded systems sector in the South East Europe (SEE) area. It helps developers and researchers to focus their research plans on relevant topics as well as to avoid barriers in transforming their ideas and research results into innovations.

The SRA is formed based on the feedback and intensive cooperation with leading research and government institutions and industry in the respected represented countries in the SEE area. A consensus of the different stakeholders has been reached and the Strategic Research Agenda is the result of this consensus. The strategic research agenda also seeks synergies with relevant European initiatives to multiply its impact.

The SRA aims to help different stakeholders to align their activities in the industrial informatics and embedded system sectors. Stakeholders comprise all participants from research and academic institution, the enterprise world, the facilitators of innovation, such as clusters, technology platforms and existing networks of excellence, as well as the public sector and private funding organizations.

As annex to the Transnational Strategic Research Agenda document named National Profiles  (.pdf) is also finalized.

The document on National Profiles collects national specifics in the areas identified by the Strategic Research Agenda. Each National Profile has been created by local experts seeking broad consensus with industrial, academic and political stakeholders of each country. It therefore gives valuable additional information on how to implement the SRA in the countries of Greece, Italy, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. The document follows the structure of the SRA and focuses on the areas of Embedded Systems and Industrial Informatics identified in the Agenda. In particular, these areas are: Flexible Manufacturing, Europe Going "Green", "Green" Energy Market, Efficient Use of Energy, Health Support, Monitoring, Diagnostics and Living Assistance, Home Appliances, Smart Houses, Nomadic Environments, Public Transport, Waste Management, and Embedded Systems in Agriculture.

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