Improving business through innovative processes

On April 11th and 12th, within the I3E project "Promoting Innovation in the Industrial Informatics and Embedded Systems Sectors through Networking" (, the Engineering Faculty - University of Kragujevac and Business Innovation Center organized two-day workshop entitled:

in Business Innovation Center in Kragujevac.

Transnational "Strategic Research Agenda" for sectors of industrial informatics and embedded systems for the region of South East Europe was presented at the workshop, as well as "Methodology Guide for Innovations" based on 120 examples of best European practices in transformation of research into innovations on the market. Twelve partners of I3E project from 8 countries of South East European countries were involved in the realization of these two publications.

Apart from this, the workshop also included the topics and tools essential for the success of innovative, active and start-up small and medium enterprises, such as intellectual property rights in enterprises, rapid product development, quality control, tool for self-assessment of efficiency of product development process in enterprises, all in line with the methodology applied in England.

During the afternoon session, individual consultations with lecturers were held, for all interested participants from enterprises.

The workshop gathered more than 25 national enterprises, which apply or plan to introduce innovative approaches into their business, both in product and service development, and in organizational and marketing processes.

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