Promotion of CTC Kragujevac and IFP Programme

Prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic, the coordinator of the Collaborative Training Centre at the University of Kragujevac, and her assistants, visited the company „Prvi Partizan" a.d. from Uzice. On that occasion, the services and activities of the Collaborative Training Centre as well as the Industrial Fellowship Programme (IFP Programme) were presented.

The aim of this visit was to present the opportunities of innovative approach based on the application of computer technologies and sophisticated equipment for rapid prototyping and quality control to the engineers dealing with the product and technologies development.

  • Software for manufacturing process simulation
  • 3D printer for rapid prototyping using plastics
  • Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine, quality control of parts with small details that is not possible on the traditional CMM.

As special offer of CTC Kragujevac, they presented specialized training programme for companies, as well as the programme for improving the innovative potential of development departments through the IFP Programme.

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