Promotion of PPP and IFP programme

Practical Placement and Industrial Fellowship Programmes were presented at the University of Novi Sad, within the "Technology Transfer, Technology Brokerage" event organized by the ICIP project, in the period 28th - 29th February 2012.

Within the "Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms" part of the event, Prof.Dr. Vesna Mandic presented PPP and IFP programmes as good examples of knowledge transfer. At the same time, these programmes represent excellent mechanisms for establishment of sustainable collaboration between the university and companies. In the second part of the event, "Knowledge Transfer Networks Continued", knowledge networks established in the West Balkans region were presented as following: network of CTC centres (Collaborative Training Centres) in Kragujevac, Podgorica, Banja Luka and Rijeka, then VMnet network which gathers over 1200 members including students, engineers, individual experts, companies, etc, as well as VRPM network formed and established on the CORDIS platform.

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