Promotion of PPP and IFP Programmes in Kragujevac

On 22nd and 23rd March 2012, the workshop "Technology Transfer, Technology Brokerage 2012" was held at the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac. The workshop was organized by ICIP project and CTC Kragujevac.

Within the session "Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms", Prof. Dr Vesna Mandic presented PPP and IFP programmes as good practices for knowledge exchange and as great mechanisms for establishing sustainable cooperation between universities and enterprises. In the second part, "Knowledge Transfer Networks Continued", the knowledge networks in the West Balkans region were presented, such as: the network of CTC centres (Collaborative Training Centres) in Kragujevac, Podgorica, Banja Luka and Rijeka, VMnet network that gathers more than 1250 members including students, engineering, individual experts and enterprises, as well as the VRPM network formed on the CORDIS platform.

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