VMnet network

In line with idea of network knowledge and transfer technologies, CeVIP has established Virtual Manufacturing Network - VMnet as efficient industrial-science link, which has already more than 1291 members (large companies, SMEs, R&D organizations, NGO, Agencies for SMEs, entrepreneurs, experts, managers, engineers, researchers, students etc.) During the last year VMnet has increased number of members from other WBC (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia).

Network gathers 18 experts from areas of production technologies, materials, information technologies, software development, numerical FE/FV simulation of production processes, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, design and marketing, who offer support for companies in their R&D activities to implement new technologies, thus improving their competitiveness on the global market.

VMnet connects Universities and Institutes, as integrated knowledge capacities, with large enterprises and SMEs in the area of metal and non-metal (plastics, wood) processing industry, which will be a significant support in the development of sector innovative system (clusters). Transparency of R&D results for the members of VMnet network, as consultative support in the development of new products and material selection, usage of VE resources and educational material within CTC centres are of particular importance for SMEs which want to develop a new profitable product for international market, and do not have at their disposal human resources and equipment which support innovative technologies.

Apart from expertise offered within VMnet, by this network enterprises would get quality, timely and inexpensive development cycle and may optimize the existing products and processes, as precondition for increasing of competitiveness on increasingly requiring market.

Development and broadening of the network is helped by R&D organizations, SMEs, companies, Regional agencies for development of SMEs, Chambers of commerce, resource Ministries and all other institutions that find interest for joint actions.

VMnet members are being updated and informed through e-mail about the latest news on important events, electronic brochures and magazines, useful links on manufacturers of equipment and software etc. In that way they have access to information on the latest achievements in the area of virtual technologies, in order for them to improve their knowledge and gain new skills, useful for doing business at their companies.