INDIVIDUAL EXPERT 1, United Kingdom. Mrs. Lana Hopkinson is independent international consultant. She has 22 years of professional experience in consultancy, education and training, 17 years of professional experience gained in TACIS, CARDS and PHARE countries, 13 years of experience in the field of SME/Private Sector Development and policy development in international environment, 13 years professional experience related to TA projects funded by the EU, World Bank, DFID and other donors. Her key qualifications are: innovation policy and programme development at national and regional levels, innovation surveys and audits, SME development, cluster development, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, technology transfer and R&D cooperation, consultancy, training and capacity building, in-depth knowledge of managed workspace issues (technology management centres, science- industrial parks, incubators, etc).

INDIVIDUAL EXPERT 2, Serbia. Mr. Goran Stojanović, assistant professor of University of Novi Sad, has strong background in all three pillars of the knowledge triangle (education-researchinnovation). With expertise in the evaluation and accreditation of university curricula, he will have a significant contribution to the education segment. Additionally, he has prepared a multidisciplinary course of Medical electronics for professors from the secondary schools. In the research field, dr Goran Stojanović is an author or co-author of over 65 papers in leading international journals. Furthermore, he has obtained the „Dr Zoran Djindjić" award (2007), for an contribution to the development of research and sciences in Serbia. His special responsibility will be the transfer of application-oriented research results and innovation in industry sector, particularly at growing spinoff companies. In addition, his experience in participation and management in several international (such as TEMPUS, FP6, FP7, SEE-ERA.NET) and national projects will be one of the key contributing factors for the success of the proposed project.