Overall project management and structur

Overall project management and structur

Management structure will involve Contractor (Grant Applican t - University of Kragujevac), the Project Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering Faculty- Kragujevac, dr Vesna Mandić), Steering Committee (consists of the Contact persons of all the Consortium members, hereinafter Site Managers), Project Support Team - PST (professional Technical Manager, Assistant manager and part-time webmaster) and Quality Assurance Project Team - QAPT (consisting of 3 quality control experts). Contractor will be responsible for overall financial ma nagement and reporting.

Project Coordinator will coordinate the project, with the help of the Project Support Team, Steering Committee and QAPT team.

The Steering Committee will meet two times a year, and jointly decide on re-arranging tasks and resources as mandated by the project objectives. The day-to-day management and organization of this project will be organized through the Project Support Team that should help the good coordination, partners communication, taking care of specific actions.

Each project partner is equally and independently responsible for the activities assigned to them, money use, six-monthly reporting and final auditing. Detailed contracts with assigned responsibilities, duties, money transfer and reporting will be prepared, agreed and signed during Kick-off meeting. Apart from regular Steering committee meetings, monitoring visits of Project Coordinator, QAPT team, and external quality control experts are envisaged.

The project aims to reach decisions by consensus at all levels. Formally, the Project Coordinator will have overall responsibility for decision-making. Any difficulties with the project plan, financial allocation or time keeping are to be resolved by the Contractor and Coordinator, in cooperation with Steering Committee. Site Managers have responsibility for local decision-making within their institutions, taking into account communications with the Project Coordinator, and with members of their team.

Responsibility for flow of communications lies with the Project Coordinator (to and from the Contractor, and to/from the Steering Committee), and with the Site Managers (to/from the Steering Committee and to/from relevant members of their team). This flow will be re-enforced by the sequence of meetings, by teleconferences, by electronic form using e-mail, and by web site used both for a project-wide repository of documents (including agendas, minutes, technical documents and reports) and for a repository and commentary on the timetable of meetings, quality control visits, and travel plans etc.