Virtual manufacturing (VM) system

Virtual manufacturing (VM) system, which represents integrated computer-based model for product design and manufacture process simulation, as well as rapid manufacture of prototypes (RP - Rapid Prototyping) and reverse engineering (RE - Reverse Engineering), is applied with the aim of:

  • optimization: design of products and processes, selection of materials for new products, process conditions and their tuning;
  • reducing lead times, and
  • reducing time-to-market costs.

Optimal selection generates positive consequences for: manufacturing costs, tool costs, material costs, final quality and life of the product.

Application of innovative VM technologies in the development of new and improvement of existing manufacturing processes in regional companies and SMEs will represent the key activator of productivity growth, and consequently of economic development and prosperity for entire population of the WBC region. Considering the fact that 98,9% of active enterprises in WBC region (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) have been categorized as SME, with needs and operative procedures completely different from ones at large enterprises, the project will be focused on the development of global system support for those enterprises.