CTC Kragujevac

Collaborative training centre Kragujevac was established upon decision of the Senate of the University of Kragujevac on 10th June 2010, as organizational unit of the University of Kragujevac, but not as legal entity. Based on the Establishment act, CTC Kragujevac defined its vision, mission and operational objectives as its activities:

a) Visioctckgn
To become a strong cooperative center that will initiate, mediate and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships between universities, that is its members, students and graduates on one hand and enterprises and other partners that support SME sector on the other hand.

b) Mission
To develop efficient and effective mechanisms for cooperation be twe en universities and enterprises, through the projects’ implementation, vocational trainings for enterprises and the unemployed, industrial scholarship programs (Industrial Fellowship Programme - IFP) and student practice (Student Practical Placement Programme - PPP).

c) Objectives of CTC Kragujevacctc1 kg:

  • to establish sustainable links between universities and enterprises through the development of a new regional model of cooperation based on the the proven succ essful EU models;
  • to provide services for improvement of existing and development of new innovative products, processes and tools for companies, small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • to provide quality and useful research result, which will launch funding and regular innovation implementation in enterprises;
  • to develop new and modernize existing vocational training programs in accordance with the needs of enterprises and labor market;
  • to play an active role in the spreading WBC VMnet Network;
  • to enable students to gain practical knowledge and skills in the industry;
  • to create opportunities for involvement in a number of international projects (EUREKA, FP7, CIP, COST ...), so as to improve technical and managerial capacities, and cooperation with the industry.

d) Activities

Activities of CTC Kragujevac will be focused on the following:

  • Training of staff and external experts of CTC Centre
  • Projects’ implementation
  • Spreading the network of virtual manufacture users
  • Development and implementation of vocational traini ngs, seminars and workshops
  • Development and implementation of industrial scholarship programs (IFP)
  • Development and implementation of student practice (RRP)
  • Participation in international projects
  • Promotional and marketing activities
  • Quality control of trainings and services, IFR and PPP programs


Prof. dr Vesna Mandic,
Coordinator of CTC Kragujevac
Sestre Janjic 6
34000 Kragujevac
Tel. +381 34 501 201
Fax. +381 34 501 901
e-mail: mandic@kg.ac.rs