Info day at Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac

The Regional Chamber of Commerce in Kragujevac in cooperation with Regional agency for economic development of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, organised info day on 1st November 2011 in Kragujevac on the subject "The programmes of support to export-oriented enterprises". Ruzica Stancic, the project manager in the Centre for EOI and European Integration, Regional Chamber of Commerce in Kragujevac, greeted all the present and wished them successful work day. Nenad Popovic, the director of Regional agency for economic development of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, presented SEENET programme of support for export-oriented enterprises. In the following part of the day, Agency for insurance and export financing AOFI was presented. The activities of the agency were presented by Milan Sekulic, the director of the department for insurance from commercial risks, and Marija Rasitov, the client manager.

At this info day, which was very well visited by the enterprises from the region, IFP programme (The Programme of Industrial Fellowship) was presented by Prof Dr Vesna Mandic, the coordinator of WBC-VMNer Tempus project and Collaborative Training Centre in Kragujevac. The presentation included the objectives of ISP programme, benefits of ISP programme that enterprises, employees and research organisations have. The special emphasis was put on the programme’s implementation process which is very flexible as regarding to the training duration as regarding with the procedure of selection of industrial fellowship user, enterprise and research group.

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