The fifth Steering Committee meeting of the TEMPUS project WBC-VMNet was held

The fifth Steering Committee meeting of the TEMPUS project WBC-VMNet ("WBC Virtual Manufacturing Network - Fostering an Integration of the Knowledge Triangle", 144684-TEMPUS-2008-RS-JPHES) was held on 21st of October in Belgrade, Serbia. The purpose and the aims of this meeting were:

  • Presentation of the overall achievements of the project,
  • Presentation of realized activities and the outputs/outcomes of the project partners,
  • Discussion on the implementation of professional trainings, Practical Placement Programme (PPP) for students and Industrial Fellowship Programme (IFP)
  • Analysis of the perceived problems that have emerged during the project implementation and the adoption of the work plan for the next six-month period.

Within the introductory part of the meeting, the participants were greeted by Prof Dr Vesna Mandic, coordinator of WBC-VMNet TEMPUS Project.
After the introductory speech the project coordinator Prof. Dr Vesna Mandic presented the overall project achievements. The conclusion was that all the activities on the project were realized in accordance with the schedule and deadlines set by the project. The activities that should be realized till the end of the year are Case Studies, and special emphasis is on the further implantation of PPP (Practical Placement Programme) and IFP (Industrial Fellowship Programme).
All the participants on the meeting had short presentation with the emphasis on achieved results in the previous period in their institutions. The companies representatives in consortium pointed out the significance of students practice and that results of students who had attended it according to the programme developed within the project were impressive. All partners expressed their satisfaction to have the opportunity to take part in such a project because the cooperation between the members of consortium was at high level. With the aim of continuing this cooperation, various initiatives were made in the form of participation in currently active projects. At the end of the meeting the budget analysis was carried out with the plan for its closure and the work plan for the period until the project closure. The next event when all the consortium members should meet again is Brokerage event in Rijeka in December 2011.